a flurry of recent shows has generated interest from several labels-
 will buzzard be getting signed soon?...
Ha Ha yeah right -
watch for a new full length CD release late fall-early winter
from Alienkiller2000 Laboratories!
tentatively titled "meeap meeap"

(pronounced: mee-yowmp mee-yowmp but without actually annunciating)


THINKING PLAGUE is coming! - their first ever East Coast tour! I am going to catch as many of their shows that I can

Sunday, Sept. 5th - Progday Fest. 1999 [Labor Day Weekend] -for info - or call Peter Renfro during business hours at: (919) 968-1181.

Monday, Sept. 6th - Hole In The Wall - 309 Laurel St., Richmond, VA (804) 225-7103 [with ENE]

Thursday - Sept. 9 - Upstairs At Nicks - 16 South 2nd St., Philadelphia, PA (215) 928-9411 [with Krakatoa]

Saturday, Sept. 11th - Orion Sound Studios - 2903 Whittington, Baltimore, MD (with The Hosemobile)


images from recent gigs and stuff with Trephine

Chuck (Trephine)

Trephine (roadie-note BAD beer endorsement)

Dr.Will (Trephine)@ Hal Daddy's

John Smulyan (MEATJACK/Trephine engineer and all-around 'cool guy')

Mike Potter (OrionStudios) this man is responsible for unleashing the 'creepy' buzzard sound on the 'prog community'!

Chuck (40 Watt Shaman) @ Hal Daddy's

Dark Water Transit (instrumental fusionmath)

Kevin (buzzard) under the influence of 'The Orb' in alienkiller2000 laboratories.

Chuck (Trephine)

Becky and Sean @ OrionStudios

Mark (buzzard) he's the guy that'll wear his band's shirt at a gig!

Mark (buzzard) 'Lab Technician'.

Kevin (buzzard) after comment about how he would have more of a 'prog image' if he wore his 'parachute pants ensemble' and spoke with a fake but 'mumbly' european accent.

A couple of 'toys' at the Lab.

Sean (Trephine) do you remember what I said about 'trust'?

Dave and Chuck (Trephine) outside Orion Studios.
Tricky-Moe (Lucan the wild boy raised by wolves!)

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